Who We Are

APEX is a long-term care pharmacy that offers a wide range of services and the latest technology to make your job easier. Everything we do is designed to ensure your time is spent on patient care and not reordering medications or filling out cumbersome paperwork.

Our work may be technical, but we’re in the business of enhancing and advancing quality of life. We also believe that every patient is unique and one packaging system may not work for everyone. That’s why we offer personalized solutions.

The pharmacist who launched APEX had 20 years of experience in the retail pharmacy industry and realized how confusing and cumbersome it is to take multiple medications. He started preparing multi-dose packages for his patients and received excellent feedback. Learning about the industry directly from LTC personnel, he found his mission: to make medication care easier for patients.

The APEX team is made up of compassionate experts, driven to make a difference through medicine. We refresh our training often, solicit routine monitoring, and test ourselves for competency and technique. Our processes are held to the same high standards, as we continuously fine-tune our operating procedures to optimize quality, service, and performance.

We’re here to provide all the high-quality and compliant personalized medications you need along with flexible packaging – when and how your patients need them. With competitive prices, personalized service, and precise procedures, you have a one-stop source, filling every prescription with care and precision.

Search for ‘long-term care pharmacy near me’ and you’ll find that APEX is the only long-term care, IDD, skilled nursing home, detox and behavioral pharmacy you need.